"Golf Takes a Second to Fall in Love with, but a Lifetime to Master."

It's easy to see why people fall in love with golf. You can't just leave it to any one reason. To begin with, it's an individual sport that virtually anyone can play at just about any age. Golf is also great for bringing people together socially whether for simple pleasure, competitive play, or business functions. There are infinite possiblilities as far as improving technique, and in the end we are all shooting for the perfect score.

What is a perfect score? Shooting a perfect score is unique to each individual player and that is why this sport is amazing. Just make sure you're having fun playing golf and the perfect score will find you. 

 "The Most Amazing Thing About Golf is Early Addiction..."

When you're starting to play golf it's hard not to get lost in the sea of experts that are around every corner. I'm talking about your friends that can't hit the ball without high risk of causing personal injury. The best piece advice I can give to someone starting to play golf is develop patience. If you're looking to take a few lessons you might want to visit the section of this website with golf book suggestions. Starting golf with books is always a great move. If you get stuck don't be shy, simply send me an email. I'd love to see if I can help you out.

"But, I'm Not a Rookie! I've Been Playing for Years..."

Roger Beale warming up the golf swing before playing in a Canadian Tour event.When it comes to golf, there is no seignority. Time-In helps, but in the long run doesn't count for much. You can get really good at playing golf the wrong way. One of the many things I've learned about golf is that most people who play the game, think that going out and hitting buckets of balls is the only way to get better. They spend countless hours at it.

The best advice that I can give to someone who has been playing for years is simple, if you're not paying attention to the details, you should be. Golf is a detail oriented sport. I've listed some golf books that might help you with the details of your golf game.

Take a quick look...you might just find your missing ingredient.

"How is This Golf Website Different From Other Golf Websites?"

Well that's pretty simple, I operate my own golf website. I haven't hired someone to take care of it for me so when it comes to what's on this site, I control the content, I make the updates, and I do it all instantly (see the link at the bottom). That being said, my aim is to have a website for golf lovers that will provide them with valuable information (articles & books), and to have a connection with a golf pro who's connected to his supporters (email).

"Golf is so popular simply because it is the best game in the world at which to be bad."

  - A.A. Milne